Incomplete sentences 填空題
1. Would you prefer an _______ seat or a window seat?
2. Good evening everyone, this is your ______ speaking.
3. Will you be ________ any bags tonight?
4. Please put your ______ either in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.
5.Please return your seats to their ________ position.
6. What would you like for your _______?
7.You can find your bags at the _________ claim.
8. We'll be flying at 10,000 ________.
9. Are you comfortable sitting in an ______ row?
10. I'll tell the flight __________ to get you another blanket?
11.Your _____ is 11B.
12. I'm cold. Can you please turn down your _____?
13. Can I please have a _________?
14. Enjoy your visit and thanks for __________ with us!
15. Can I get an __________ to first class?


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